Meet the Eagles

Latin Name: Haliaeetus Leucocephalus

Distribution: North America

Habitat: Coasts, Lakes, and Rivers

Food: will predate and scavenge

Wingspan 180 - 210cm

Latin name: Haliaeetus Albicilla

Distribution: Northern Europe

Habitat: Coasts, Lakes, and Rivers

Food: Will predate and scavenge

Wingspan: 190 - 230cm

Bald Eagle

White Tailed Sea Eagle

Golden Eagle

Latin Name : Aquila chrysaetos.
Distribution : Northern Hemisphere.
Habitat : Open mountainous areas.
Food : Mainly mammals.
Wingspan : 180 - 230cm.

African Tawney Eagle

Latin Name : Aquila Rapax.
Distribution : Sub-Saharan Africa and India.
Habitat : Varied from woodland and savannah, semi-desert, open plains.
Food : Wide range of birds and mammals. Also will frequently scavenge.
Wingspan : 160 - 185cm.

African Fish Eagle

Latin Name : Haliaeetus Vocifer.
Distribution : Sub-Saharan Africa.
Habitat : Coasts, Lakes and Rivers.
Food : Fish (both live and dead).
Wingspan : 175 - 210cm.

Bateleur Eagle

Latin Name : Terathopius Ecaudatus.
Distribution : Sub-Saharan Africa.
Habitat : Grassland, savannah.
Food : Very varied. Mammals, birds, reptiles. Also snakes, but unlike typical snake eagles does not specialise. Will also scavenge.
Wingspan : 168 - 223cm.

Latin name: Geranoaetus Melanoleucus

Distribution: Southern America

Habitat: Mountains/Hills

Food: Mammals, birds, carrion

Wingspan: 160 - 180cm

Black Chested Buzzard Eagle

Steppe Eagle

Latin Name : Aquila Nipalensis.
Distribution : Russian Steppes,     Central Asia.
Habitat : Steppes, desert and semi-desert, grasslands.
Food : Small mammals, birds and reptiles.
Wingspan : 165 - 200cm.