Lights, Camera, Action!

Holly our Bald Eagle working for McDonalds (

Since Gauntlet opened in 1996 its feathery residents have been busy and successful working in a wide and varied range of media. From TV, film, radio, and even theatre! These jobs have sent Gauntlet far and wide across the UK, and even overseas to Ireland, France, and Belgium!

Gauntlet is extremley proud of the work our birds do on set, on stage, or on camera. Below you can see a selection of jobs we have taken part in over the recent years:

Samuel L Jackson with Fran the Falcon on set for 'Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children'


* Assassins Creed (2016) - Golden Eagle

* Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children (2016) - Chaco Owl, Peregrine Falcon, European Eagle Owl

* Captain Sabretooth and the treasure of Lama Rama (2014) - Raven



* Deadly 60 - Great Grey Owl

* Disney's Evermore Chronicles -Barn Owl, Yellow Headed Cara Cara

* Cbeebies 'Show me Show me' - Great Grey Owl

* The Wild - White Tailed Sea Eagle, White backed Vulture, Secretary BIRD, Hooded Vulture, American Black Vulture, Bald Eagle.

* The Last Leg - Hooded Vulture

* BBC Earth Flight - Raven, American Black Vulture

* Blue Peter - Kestrel, Hawk

* Springwatch - Barn Owl

* Springwatch unsprung - White Tailed Sea Eagle, European Eagle Owl



* Dr Dee @ Manchester palace - Raven



* PG Tips - Bald Eagle

On set with Scooby the Raven on 'Captian Sabretooth'

Sebastian our Golden Eagle making an apperance in the new 'Assassin's Creed' movie.

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