Meet the Kites

Red Kite

Latin Name : Milvus Milvus.
Distribution : Europe, parts of Asia, North West Africa.
Habitat : Wide ranging over open or lightly wooded country, with open access to large trees.
Food : Extremely varied. Birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, invertebrates and carrion.
Wingspan : 145 - 165cm.

Black Kite

Latin Name : Milvus Migrans.
Distribution : Europe, Africa, Middle East, India and Southern Asia, Australia.
Habitat : Wide ranging in all types of open or lightly wooded country, grasslands, wetlands, coasts. Frequently found around towns and cities.
Food : Extremely varied and opportunistic. From insects caught in flight to small mammals, birds and reptiles. Common around areas of human activity (e.g. rubbish tips.)
Wingspan : 145 - 165cm

Brahminy Kite

Latin Name : Haliastur Indus.
Distribution : South Asia, Northern Australia.
Habitat : Coasts, wetlands, forest, lowlands.
Food : Mainly scavenges dead fish. Will also hunt live prey.
Wingspan : 110 - 125cm.