Ryans Travels

Meet Ryan the Vulture, Gauntlets conservation mascot!

The story of Ryan...

Gauntlets conservation mascot Ryan the Vulture was donated to Gauntlet by Kim and Tim Mason in memory of their son Ryan. Ryan (pictured) was a regular visitor to Gauntlet for many years, volunteering to help look after the birds and taking part in pretty much most of Gauntlets handling expeirences!

Ryan always planned to travel with Graham one day and to help with the conservation work Gauntlet and Gauntlet Conservation Trust are involved with - so it seemed fitting that one of his treasured friends became our mascot!

Ryans first official visit will be joining staff member Shell as she visits South Afric a to volunteer at VulPro. Stay turned for updates!

Ryan visits VulPro

In January 2019 - Ryan travelled to South Africa alongside Gauntlet staff member Shell where they visited VulPro Vulture Conservation Center. Ryan and Shell delivered a much needed care package to VulPro, all generously donated by local supporters. Shell, Gauntlet, and Ryan the Vulture would like to thank EVERYONE who has donated to the care package or to Gauntlet Conservation Trust. It's very much appreciated!

Thank you to the following supporters of the care package:

Ashleigh Veterinary Center, Knutsford VeterinarySurgery, Scott Oxton, Chelsea Warren