Happy belated New Year!

Hi Everyone!

Apologies as I have just realised Christmas and New Year have been and gone and we've not left you any updates! Even though it is our quiet season at Gauntlet we are still mega busy feeding the birds, updating and maintaining parts of the center, and training new staff and birds! So... here is a little update on what has been happening over the winter months!

Love is in the air...

Gauntlet has been successful in previous years breeding Bald Eagles, American Black Vultures, Chaco Owls, Kites, the list goes on. In 2014 Gauntlet began a huge mission to build a purpose built breeding barn, away from the visitor centre where pairs and groups of birds can settle down and nest, and hopefully produce young. The barn in nearing completion this year with huge breeding aviaries, incubation facilities, and a research station. We have also installed CCTV cameras EVERYWHERE! This may seem a little intrusive, but allows us to watch the birds behaviours during courtship, nesting, and hopefully raising any young! Here is a little snippet of some of the birds:

Spend a penny...

Ok, so maybe not the most interesting bit of news but news none the less! We are hoping to see the completion of our new toilet block facilities shortly! This will mean extra toilets, including a larger spaced disabled toilet also. Another project which we have been working hard on over winter!

New arrivals...

We have had a couple of new arrivals just before Christmas. Joining our falcon team is Nicci a female Gyr x Saker falcon, and joining our existing Bald Eagle team is Sharon! Both birds have joined us from 'Wings of Change' in Holland. They have both settled in well and should hopefully be seen in flying demonstrations soon!

Here's Sharon looking quite spectacular...

Don't forget - we open for our spring summer 2018 season on February 17th (Saturday) so we're back to 7 days a week with the usual display times! See you soon!

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